International Network

International Network

JBA has constructed cooperative networks with Bio-organizations of foreign countries. The organizations below have fostered collaborative relationships with JBA in various activities. You can get the information of these Bio-organizations from the linked sites.

  • ASEBIO    ASEBIO(the Spanish Bioindustry Association)

  • AusBiotech    AusBiotech(Australia’s biotechnology organisation)

  • BIO    BIO

  • BIOTECanda    BIOTECanda

  • Eurasanté    Eurasanté

  • EuropaBIO    EuropaBIO

  • Life Science Austria    Life Science Austria(LISA)

  • Medicon Valley Alliance    Medicon Valley Alliance

  • SwedenBIO   SwedenBIO

  • Swiss Biotech   Swiss Biotech

  • Taiwan Bio Industry Organization   Taiwan Bio Industry Organization

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