Past Activities

 2016 Mar

 "Bioeconomy Vision of Japan for 2030" digest version uploaded.

2015 Feb ・JBA member to be selected at The Council for Genomic Medicine.
・ Meetings on Nagoya Protocol issues with LDP Executive
Acting Secretary General Mr. Hosoda (Chairman of Diet members'Promotion Alliance for Life Science) , Foreign Minister Mr. Kishida, Environment Minister Mr. Mochizuki, Agri. Forest. Fish. Minister Mr. Hayashi, Chairman of Research Commission on the Tax System Mr. Noda, METI Minister Mr. Miyazawa.
・Discussion on Nagoya Protocol, 5th Basic Program for Science and Technology, Bio-venture, Food Labeling System, etc. with Prime Minister aide, Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development, Science and technology and Innovation Center'Deputy Director General, Healthcare and Medical Strategy's Chief Officer and related members in each of the committees.
2014 ・Proposals of new measures at National Strategy Zones, opinion submission on "Food Labeling System", "Food labeling standard in relation to new functional indication of the food".
2013 Nov 6th Participation to Life Science Promotion Diet Member meeting
Oct 31th Proposal to regulatory reform hotline
2012 Jun 8th Position document on "2013 Action plan on important Science and Technology policy"
2011 Others Start seminars on political information
Nov 10th Position document on "Hybridization prevention on GM plants in Hokkaido", "Hybridization prevention guidelines on GM plants"
2010 Others Proposals on "Industrial Technology Policy's Future Plans", Science and Technology budget process improvement, "Action Plan", "Basic plan on Industrial Technology Policy", "Priority evaluation on Science and Technology Policy".
Aug Final report "Biobased development strategy"
Apr 27th Dialog with METI minister
Apr Position document on "Biodiversity Treaty"'s Access to genetic resources and benefit sharing to 6 ministers Proposal on "Biobased development strategy" interim report
2009 Dec Offer opinion to "Science and Technology Policy Priority Evaluation"
Mar Proposal at BT Strategy Council meeting
2008 Jul Proposal at BT Strategy Council meeting
Apr 21th 8th Life Science Summit
Apr BT Promotion meeting
2007 Others Position document on discerning farming environmental plan in Shiga Prefecture
Dec 19th Dialog with Technology Policy Minister on BT promotion
Jun 4th 7th Life Science Summit
Apr 23rd Final report on " Clinical Trial and Clinical study promotion"
Feb 9th Position document on "Clinical Trial Promotion 5 year plan"
2006 Others Proposal on MAFF guidance on GM crop field test to Niigata and Tokushima prefecture
Dec 21st Press release "Proposal on Clinical Trial Reformation" Interim Report
Nov 2nd Proposal on Clinical Trial Reformation to Life Science Promotion Diet members
Apr 24th 6th Life Science Summit
2005 Others Position document on GMO plant restriction in Niigata, Tokyo and Hokkaido Prefecture
Mar 28th 5th Life Science Summit
Mar 15th Two proposal at 7th BTS Council meeting
2004 Others Position document on GMO plant restriction in Hokkaido, Iwate, Shiga Prefecture
Jan 20t Position document on 6th BTS Council meeting
2003 Oct 20th 4th Life Science Summit
Sept 3rd Progress evaluation/Position document "Biotechnology Strategy Expert Meeting"
2002 Dec 6th Authorization "Biotechnology Strategy" at 5th BTS Council meeting
Oct 21st 3rd Life Science Summit
Jul 18th Participation "Biotechnology Strategy Council" of PM Koizumi
May 21th Adoption "b-Japan plan" at 6th general meeting
May 17th Announcement "Opinion on IP Strategy" (with JBA)
Feb 15th Establishment "Life & Bio Plaza 21" NPO in July 1st.
2001 Oct 22nd 2nd Life Science Summit
2000 Apr 17th 1nd Life Science Summit
1999 Nov 24th Formulation "Industrial Biotechnology Strategy"
Oct 25th Position document to MAFF "Opinion on food using GMO"
Jun 23rd Proposal "Helix plan" government investment 3 trillion yen over 3 years.
Jun 8th Establishment of JABEX
Adoption "Creation of new bioindustry and reinforcement of international competitiveness"