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Japan Bioindustry Association (JBA) is a non-profit organization established in 1987. The organization is planning for sound development in bioscience-related industries and is dedicated to solving problems on a global scale through advances in bioscience. JBA is contributing to society in various areas from the development of advanced technology to the development of industry. Japanese bioindustries have developed with a base in the traditional fermentation industry. However in recent years advances in biotechnology have been made in various fields and this in turn has had an impact on numerous corporations.

JBA's membership base spans a wide array of corporations that use applications of biotechnology in areas ranging from pharmaceutical and medical supplies, food and cosmetics, as well as chemicals, information, machinery, construction and energy and natural resources. In addition, JBA counts public organizations, universities, public research institutes and a variety of individuals as members. Hence JBA is a unique organization able to comprehensively promote the advancement of bioindustries through the cooperation of industry, academia and government.


Our mission at JBA is to address the imminent problems facing mankind such as those concerning climate change and biodiversity and to facilitate implementation of appropriate measures as necessary, particularly by utilizing the latest developments in biosciences in an effective manner. To that goal, one of the most important priorities of JBA is to formulate and advance specific public policies through science-based reviews of regulations as well as to craft strategies to strengthen collaboration between industry, academia and government. Furthermore, to encourage the exchange of vital data and information, we realize that cooperation and communication with like-minded organizations throughout the world is of paramount importance. We are keenly aware of the value of providing free and open access to information regarding new technologies and products to all those who are interested in opportunities for innovation. On a more local level, our mission will also be expanded to help organize and develop regional associations for bioindustries in Japan. As an example of such endeavors, we hold an annual fair called BioJapan which comprises exhibitions, seminars for academia and industry, and business to business matching.

JBA Boards and Committees

The Board of Directors, the highest decision-making body, is composed of representatives from both industry and academia. Under the leadership of this Board.

Organizational chart


Board of Directors
Chairmen Minoru Yoshida D.Agr.
(Exective Director, RIKEN)
President Mr. Osamu Nagayama
(Senior Advisor, Honorary Chairman, Chugai Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd)
Executive Director Mr. Yoshiaki Tsukamoto
(Ex-Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Steering Committee
Chairman Dr. Hitoshi Kuboniwa
(Corporate Advisor, Chugai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd..)

The Activities of JBA

With the cooperation and support of its members, JBA is helping industries rapidly apply the outstanding results of science and technology research. JBA is carrying out the following activities with the aim of improving industry infrastructure and strengthening international competitiveness.

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5 Actions of JBA

5 Actions of JBA

  1. Policy Proposal and Dialog
    JBA has offered a variety of policy proposal and dialogues for the sound development of biotechnology and bioindustry in corporation with JBA members.
  2. Science Agora for Information on Advanced Biotechnology
    JBA is addressing the provision of biotechnology and new technical information of industry, discovery of seeds and industrial applications in cooperation with JBA members.
  3. Open Innovation by Networking
    In alliance with JBA members, JBA provides opportunities to help development of biotechnology and industry.
  4. International Network
    JBA provides international information on biotechnology and bioindustry to JBA members.
  5. Establishing the Infrastructure of Bioindustry
    JBA is addressing the improvement of infrastructure for biotechnology and industrial development in corporation with JBA members.

Historical Background of JBA

The climatic conditions (e.g. humid and temperate) in Japan nurtured traditional industry using microorganisms, e.g. brewing and fermentation industry. JBA's predecessor organization, Japanese Association of Industrial Fermentation (JAIF) was formed in 1942. GAIF functioned as a forum for exchanges between researchers in academia and technologists from industry.

In 1983, in response to rapid development in bioscience and associated fields with the advent of new technology, such as r-DNA and cell fusion, the JAIF created the"Bioindustry Development Center (BIDEC) " to promote the development and commercialization of new product and process.

JAIF and BIDEC were merged into one organization in 1987 and its English name was changed from BIDEC to JBA in 1990.


JBA Membership is open to all qualified organizations and individuals with interest in bioscience, biotechnology and its commercialization in Japan. The special characteristics of JBA are reflected in its organization with about 200 companies from many industrial sectors participating. In addition, about 100 public organizations and 800 individuals from universities, making JBA a unique forum for exchanges related to bioscience and industry.

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Advertising Opportunities

Advertisement is available in "Bioscience & Industry (B&I, ISSN 0914-8981) , a journal of JBA. To advertise your company's information and products to JBA members, please contact Kagaku Gijutsu-Sha as below. JBA publishes the journal B&I from 1942, and distributes to all JBA members bimonthly. The B&I includes technical reports, exhibitions, topics, literature abstracts, book reviews and announcements covering every discipline in the rapidly-advancing field of bioscience.

Kagaku Gijutsu-Sha

Takeda Bldg. 2-10-8 Yanagibashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0052 Japan
TEL +81-3-5809-1132; FAX +81-3-5809-1138
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