Frequently Asked Questions

1) I would like to learn more about the project.

Q: I would like to learn about the technologies developed in the project. What should I do?

A: The period of this project is 5 years from 2016 to 2020. The materials for the Research Evaluation Committee held on August 29, 2018 can be downloaded at the following link.

Subcommittee Meeting of the Research Evaluation Committee for "Development of Highly Functional Materials Production Technologies Using Plants and Other Organisms" (Interim Report)

Q: Is there any plan to hold a technology seminar?

A: We are planning to hold technology seminars in 2020, which is the final year of the project. For details, send us your questions through the "Contact Us" page on this website.

Q: Can you hold a seminar at my institution?

A: It is possible, but needs to be coordinated with the project personnel with whom you would like to attend.

Q: Are there any books about the technologies developed in the project?

A: There is a book called "Smart Cell Industry: Prospect of Bio-Based Material Production Using Microbial Cells," published by CMC Publishing Co., Ltd. on June 20, 2018 (ISBN: 978-4-7813-1334-4). In addition, those technologies are also described in the journal of the Japan Bioindustry Association (JBA), "Bioscience & Industry."

Link to the book:


2) I would like to use the technologies developed.

Q: What should I do to use the technologies developed?

A: Please contact us from the "Contact Us" page on this website. If required, we will hold an interview to hear your request (free of charge).

Q: Is there any possibility that the details of my question will be disclosed externally?

A: We will never disclose such information externally. However, please note that we may share information with the project leader, Dr. Satoru Kuhara, Professor Emeritus at Kyushu University, and NEDO's staff members, if necessary, for example, regarding whether there is an appropriate researcher who can respond to the consultation.

Q: Tell me about expenses for joint research.

A: When conducting joint research with the project personnel, expenses may be incurred as joint research expenses, according to the rules of the organization to which the project personnel belong. The actual research expense will vary depending on the details and duration of the research. Therefore it will be determined upon consultation.

Q: What happens to the intellectual property rights that have resulted?

A: Before starting the joint research, please confirm matters relating to the intellectual property rights regarding the results obtained through the joint research with the project personnel.


3) Other matters including requests

● Please discuss the terms of the non-disclosure agreement, and specific conditions for technology provision, technology alliance, etc. between the parties.

● Please discuss thoroughly the rights and obligations in the use of technologies and joint research agreements between the parties.

● The JBA may inquire about the matching status, progress of the research, etc. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

● We will not disclose individual company names and the research details, but may analyze the utilization status of the technologies and use the results.

Last updated:December 25, 2023