Technology Introduction

High-throughput (HTP) Transcriptome Analysis Technology

Bioproduction Research Institute/Biomedical Research Institute,
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)


What This Technology Enables

It aims to establish a highly reliable transcriptome analysis technology.

Introduction to This Technology

In order to establish a highly reliable transcriptome analysis technology that is applicable to various industrial microorganisms, we will develop nucleic acid reference standards for spike-in control and verify their utilization strategies. In addition, for that purpose, we will establish a simple method for the valuation of the nucleic acid reference standards.

In some industrial microorganisms, the production level of a targeted useful material increases especially at the end of the culture period. However, it is difficult to extract RNA in good condition from such samples. Therefore, we are developing a technology that allows the transcriptome analysis, which has been difficult to perform so far, by establishing a technology for selectively analyzing only non-degraded RNAs.



Last updated:December 25, 2023